Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Economic Prosperity and Human Development Index.. Means determines the End

There are three ways to wealth, You are born rich, You become rich with toil and some luck or You Marry rich......... The way you acquire wealth determines an individuals personal development and consequently of the society as a whole because ultimately Economic and Social development go hand in hand provided you have toiled for it.
There are countries that have struck wealth merely by the grace of divine factors. Middle East Nations of Saudi Arabia, Iran and many more.... because they got this wealth accidentally (by discovery of oil) their societies never got time to develop into modern civilized ethos. The result these countries even with the highest per capita incomes have among the lowest level of human freedom equivalent to that of the medieval periods. There laws are archaic and inhumane, their way of living highly conservative and violent so much so that these nations could be termed as "Band of Terror", so much so that this phenomena can be termed as "Black Gold Curse" for the entire world.
Let's move West, here the people have acquired wealth over a period of time. True, they were archaic as well... their ways of colonising nations and slave trade is very much questionable but my point is that these nations have evolved from that period. As they gained wealth and because they gained it from toil they advanced on the human development index as well. The paradise of Europe as we know it today had seen extreme dark periods which culminated in the form of WW-II in which the extreme form of inhuman barbarism was at display. However learning from it's mistakes inline with their economic prosperity so has moved the society, whereas this was not possible in the first case as the Gulf Nations got it easy and never did any such mistakes upon themselves from which they can learn and hence now the world suffers.
Coming Home... India never had any such gold struck opportunity falling it's way, so it has to toil itself hard and in the process I am sure the society would get better. From what I have experienced not only do we have to develop economically but culturally and socially as well, but this quite normal as economic and social development go hand in hand.
Cases like China would also be interesting to see, how they develop where the economic model of growth followed is somewhat different than it is followed in India, though the toil of the people in improving their lives is apparent in both cases. So the next time the actions and behaviour of a person can also give an insight into not just his social and economic background but also of his nation. So the Means determine the Ends...with this thought, till next time..........


Himanshu Arora said...

So now you have stopped hating HR :)

Stochastic Process said...

Kyun dost, aisa kyun bol rahe ho :)