Friday, March 21, 2008

Why we need communists

When I started writing this blog the idea was to put forward philosophical ideas (creative and fresh) in the area of economics & finance (mainly) but sometimes even other areas of social sciences like politics and to touch some aspects of my favourite area, physics. Apart from this I wanted to share my views on current issues that would come up from time to time. Some of my friends after reading the last couple of articles have said that I am getting too much into explaining valuations, options which really one can find anywhere and I am really loosing out on the objective for which I really started writing. Well i believe that that they are partly correct and wrong. I want to address through this blog to readers who are interested in ideas and philosophy as well as to people who want to know about trading and investment from scratch in a language by which they can easily connect. Hence I have decided that for every technical article I would follow it up by a philosophical article wherein I would place ideas and arguments.

So here we go for today. We need communists. If there is one class of people I have hated in my life they are communists, however inspite of this in a very strange way I believe we need them. You must be wondering whats the reason for this dichotomy. Well look around (in this world I mean) you would find that most of the countries that have adopted a single religion and don't have appreciation for people of other religion have become totalitarion nations, fundamentalists and fanatics in their way of thinking. I believe that by driving the communists out of this country we would become 'Eco Communalists'. Listening to ideas that the are poles apart from our way of thinking broadens our outlook and gives us a sense of appreciation towards others. Also I believe that no idea is completely right or completely wrong either. So that's why I beleive that no matter how much we despise communists we still need them. Why would like to end this article by this line that I thought of describing the stark contrast between Capitalism and Communism.

'Communism begins with an order that leads to chaos
Capitalism begins with chaos that leads to order'
However remember with the ideas of Karl Marx there would have been no labour standards, perhaps even no environmental standards, no corporate social responsiblity and without these the whole notion of capitalism would have collapsed at its infancy. So preserving communism is essential for the longeivity of free markets themselves.

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