Friday, November 30, 2007

My Stock pics

Well back after a long.........time, had been quite busy all these days. I have kept the three topics that mentioned earlier in abeyance for long. Probably by tommorrow I would complete the article on 'Making of Bubble Part 2'. For today let me just give my top stock pics but before moving onto that how can i leave the Fed.......'Bernanke Goes Bananas'.......I can't believe they are going to cut in December, what's more getting an indication of rate cut the market has started bullying Fed for another 25 bps......Well if that happens here is the scenario short term and 12 months from now....

Short term : Start collecting stocks....Truck load of stocks.......Particularly Metals, Realty, Banks, don't think about valuations, logic anything just keep on buying.....Keep some target and offload at that target after 6 months

After 6-12 months: DISASTER....Global meltdown in financial markets, Dollar Collapse leading to global recession....'High Inflation coupled with Recession'...Wow....How can such morons get to such high positions...I am sorry for the use of words but can't help it.

Why can't they understand one simple thing you are giving the wrong medicine for treatment of the disease which will lead to a bigger disease........

Well moving on here are some of the stock pics that i have in my portfolio...One can decide to hold them for 6 months or longer depending upon how the global scenario pans out.

Bank: Uco bank (value and growth + takeover target), Centurion Bank (Although expensive but M&A activity expected)

Trading: STC India (Huge volumes though not great margins but a great company. Also in possesion of huge landbank, SEZ plans and more along with its subsidary Spice Trading)

Power + Retail: CESC (Excellent combo - value + growth)

Shipping & Marine: SCI (value + growth), Dredging Corporation (growth)

Real Estate: DLF, Unitech, Vipul (Big caps and expensive stocks no doubt but accumlating DLF at around 800 and Unitech at around 300 would be great as the companies are going to be bigger and leverage their landbank for bigger things) - Vipul (Great value stock)

Chemicals + Minerals: Bihar Caustic & Chemicals (Excellent growth + value company)

Power + Tech: ICSA (growth + value, the company combines advantage of great growth as it caters to power sector and instant capacity addition as it is supplie of technology products and ancillaries to the sector)

* Disclaimer: I hold these stocks in my portfolio

That's all for today....Till next time................

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